TRDG503 Dual Cuff Operative Automatic Electronic Tourniquet

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Product Details
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  • Key Features
      • Fully Automatic to perform double cuff procedure as well as IVRA Biers Block procedure.
      • The cuff pressure is always maintained to set value automatically.
      • The set value of cuff pressure can be altered to any other desired value even while it is in working mode.
      • Independent channel operation for Proximal as well as Distal side Cuff.
      • Parameter settings are independent of each other.
      • Can be operated with one Dual/Double cuff OR two Single separate cuffs with different pressures.
      • This Tourniquet can be programmed to suit your operation and post-operation needs by setting the parameters (DI) START DELAY and (ON) DURATION time.
      • Both the parameters START DELAY and ON time can be changed during the operation before it's individual execution.
      • Manual override for Cuff Deflation during programmed timing is also possible.
      • Sophisticated ALARMS to give better warning messages.
      • Independent ELAPSED TIME DISPLAY for both the channels.
      • The last settings remain in the MEMORY when power is turned off.
      • This Tourniquet is battery operated, hence PORTABLE, and can be used anytime, anywhere even for post-operation.
      • Built in battery charging circuit to re-charge the battery immediately by just connecting the power cord.
      • Colour coded cuffs and air tubing, specially designed. soft armored type cuffs to protect from accidental piercing by sharp tools.
      • Coiled, expandable, puncture-resistant PU tubing with positive locking connectors PLC.
      • The unit is compact, light-weight, very small in size.
      Technical Specification

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